hand-carved scottish whisky stones


Made from timeless Scottish whin, our hand-carved whisky stones are the perfect accompaniment to any whisky.

Let them gently cool your drink, maintaining its balance of flavours without ever diluting its taste, so that you can enjoy your dram exactly as it was meant to be.


Each set of hand-carved Scottish whisky stones includes:

  • Set of 6 hand-carved Scottish whin stones
  • Stones 20mm x 20mm in size
  • A muslin drawstring bag
  • Square presentation box
  • Whin stones are non-porous, odourless and tasteless so you can use them to cool any drink.
  • Hand-carved to remove all hard edges, they are safe to use and won’t scratch your glass.
  • Place the stones in the drawstring bag in the freezer for four hours or more.
  • Use one to two stones to cool your drink depending upon the quantity of liquid in the glass.
  • Rinse in cool water, dry and place back in drawstring bag for re-use.

Shipping Costs (per set)
UK - £4.45
Europe - £5.45
USA - £6.55
Rest of the world - £7.05

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