how our stones are made

The Process

We source our stone from Tradstocks Natural Stone Yard, the owners of local quarries specialising in whin and green schist. Large rocks of up to 25 tonnes in weight are brought to the yard and inspected for their quality before being cut into more manageable blocks.

The blocks are then supplied to us at Modern Stone Age, where we cut them into the right size and shape with our own handbuilt bridge saws and specialist machinery.

We then hand-finish every stone before they are checked and packaged, ready to be sent to customers all over the world.

In association with Tradstocks Natural Stone.

each set includes:

Six hand-carved Scottish drinks stones, each 20mm x 20mm in size.
A muslin drawstring bag
Square presentation box
Modern Stone Age - Genuine Scottish Whisky Stones and Gin Stones

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